Education & Training

Post Secondary Education
  • M.A. Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University 2021
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Diploma, St. Lawrence College 2012
  • BSc. Honours Science & Psychology, University of Waterloo 2011


  • Gottman Level 1 & 2, Gottman Institute 2021
  • Certified Trauma Specialist, Arizona Trauma Institute 2021
  • Health and Wellness for Trauma, Arizona Trauma Institute 2022
  • Parenting Traumatized Children, Arizona Trauma Institute 2022
  • Trauma & Inflammation, Arizona Trauma Institute 2022
  • Healing Power of Open Relationships, The Affirmative Couch 2022
  • Polyamory Clients In Therapy: What You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know, The Affirmative Couch 2022
  • Fundamentals of Kink: 2022, The Affirmative Couch 2022


  • Coping with Job and Business Stress in Difficult Times-2021, Juliet Austin and Clinton Power
  • Ethical Issues in Online Therapy-2021, Dr. Christine Korol
  • Online Couples Therapy-2021, Jacqueline Schatz
  • How to Do Online Therapy-2021, Dr. Kate Anthony
  • How to Make the Most of Your Time and Be More Productive While Working from Home During COVID-19-2021, Juliet Austin and Clinton Power
  • Benefits and Innovations of Video Supervision for Therapists-2021, Micheala Slipp
  • Email and Chat Therapy: The Healing Power of the Written Word-2021, DeeAnna Merz Nagel 
  • 8 Things Mental Health Professionals Need to Know about Sex-2021, Dr. Stephanie Buehler
  • Two Become One And Then There Are None! From a fusion model to a connection model of relationships and marriage. A Gestalt Approach to Addressing Difference in Couples Therapy-2021, Rita F. Resnick, Ph.D. & Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D.
  • Consensual Non-Monogamy in Relationships-2021, Anita Johnston, Ph.D. CEDS-S. Clinical Psychologist
  • Nuts and Bolts of Initial Interviews in Couples Therapy-2021, Dr. Ellyn Bader Ph.D.
  • The Healing Power of Metaphor & Story in Treating Eating Disorders-2021, Dr. Anita Johnston
  • Couple-Informed Individual Therapy-2021, Dr. Ellyn Bader Ph.D.
  • Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive Therapy-2021, Lyrica Fils-Aimé, LCSW-R, RPT-S
  • Walk and Talk Therapy-2021, Jennifer Udler
  • Health Professionals Webinar: First, Do No Harm-2021, Jillian Walsh, RD, RP
  • Cultural Competency Training-2021, Michele Manocchi
  • Becoming Great at Confrontation-2021, Dr. Ellyn Bader Ph.D.
  • Working with Childhood Emotional Neglect-2022, Dr. Jonice Webb
  • The future of therapy: OMG what is happening-2022, Dr. Ellyn Bader Ph.D.
  • How to Help Clients with Prolonged Grief-2022, Dr. Wendy G. Lichtenthal
  • Ecotherapy: How Clients Benefit by Bringing Nature into Treatment: 2022, Dr. Craig Chalquist & Linda Buzzell
  • Pregnancy and Infant Loss : 2022, Julie Bindeman
  • EMDR for Trauma Treatment: 2022, Megan Boardman

Upcoming Coursework/Webinars

Psychodynamic Therapy & Polyamory
The Affirmative Couch
Expected Completion 2022

Psychodynamic Therapy & Polyamory
The Affirmative Couch
Expected Completion 2022

Dr. Amanda Bell & Associates
Expected Completion 2023

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