Affordable Walk in Therapy August 2nd, 2021!!!

Affordable Walk In Therapy

When: August 2nd!

Where: From your home —–Virtually Online—–

What is it? Walk in therapy is a short term therapy appointment with same day availability. Sometimes its to work through a single episode, other times its because you reached out to others and they have a waitlist or could be that you want to see what therapy with me is like before commiting.

How: Regardless of your reason here is what you can expect. Once you click on the link below, it will take you to my software. Create a profile and book a time slot. You will be sent a consent form to fill out ahead of time or it will be the first thing we do together in session. You will be emailed a link which you click on to join a virtual session with me.

What can I talk about? That’s up to you but we typically spend the first 5 minutes on your rights, confidentiality and consent. Then we can talk about anything you want to. Sometimes we do exercises, some times theres education on a topic, sometimes its release and relaxing. I join you where you are and what you need so your in control! The last 10 minutes are typically spend grounding back and making sure your ok to enjoy the rest of your day and any next steps. The entire call will be whats considered a therapy hour which is 50 minute session together.

Not sure yet? Have more questions? Contact me for more information.

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