Why does my partner do that? I mean they know it gets under my skin. They just don’t care. If they continue I’ll do it back and see how they feel! 😡🔥🤬👿☠️

Wait! Hold up for a moment. If you do that, I mean you can, they you are going to stay in this cycle. If you take a breathe, on any given day would you CHOOSE to do this behaviour? Would you want to hurt your partner? If so, continue scrolling.

If not, how would you behave? What is important to you? Who are you as a person? These are your driving force. This is your compass on how you behave. You can’t control others but you can control yourself.

But that leaves your partner still doing something you don’t like. What do you do about it? Well there are many ways we can face it together. You probably have tried some already. Together we can weed out everything that works and doesn’t to create a relationship that is more rewarding and fulfilling. It can be done

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