Motherhood sucks sometimes

No one ever tells you the bad, the hardships, the struggle. I mean would you listen if they did?

We hear coping and how things get better. We hear the blessing and gratefulness. All of which may be true but it doesn’t take away from the fact that at times it is so hard and requests so much of us, I just lock myself in the bathroom.

Ok. Rewind….. Cue vcr rewind machine sound….. (All wait for some to google that)…

Ok. When would you stop it and see the shift? When do you go from I am ok to I am sliding. If we can get ourselves to recognize this point we can do something about it. That something can be a lot of things and what works for one doesn’t work for another. But we need to open our eyes to the shift. The shift in ourselves. That’s our power

We are all good mothers. We are all trying our best. We are all different. We are all great. There is no one right way so atop trying to fit into a mould that isn’t even perfect anyway. Do your best. Try your hardest. Learn, grow but mostly KNOW YOURSELF.

Show up for you first! You deserve it.

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