Right or Wrong

Trying to figure out what is the right or wrong? What is the next best decision? How do I know if I go left or right? Do I say something or do I not?

Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com

This type of uncertainty can plague a person into trying to figure out what is the best case scenario for them. It plants seeds of doubt and that means that we always question ourselves. So how do we build confidence with all this doubt or questions in our head?

We have to start by knowing ourselves. What do we believe in, what is important to ourselves, what do we expect from ourselves and so on. A lot of these questions are things that we think we know but in reality unless we take the time to reflect on them, we don’t have a clear understanding of it. This unclear understanding means it makes our mind foggy which then makes decisions and confidence unclear.

I’m not saying that once we spend time reflecting on ourselves everything will be crystal clear and easy. Let’s be fair, life is not easy. But if we know what is important to ourselves, we can guide ourselves toward that goal. The questions we are asked aren’t the concern. We find the answer by moving toward those things that are important to us. This is why we can ask everyone their opinions but unless they are related to our own, it doesn’t hold as much weight.

So let’s start knowing ourselves and asking ourselves some of the tough questions. This can mean you may need to take some time to figure it out and it may be easier for you. You can be on this journey alone or you can have someone walk along with you. Either way, enjoy the process and allow yourself to feel all the good, the bad and the ugly that comes with it.

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