Taming Ourselves

We live our lives through a series of rules. These help us be responsible and survive but what happens when they don’t work well? What if they aren’t our own rules? We all were taught right from wrong. But has anyone ever told you that life is full of grey?

The grey area is the area where there is a vast array of options. So which is the right one? Well first go back to your rules. What does your rules say? Ask yourself questions about these rules. Are they your rules? If not, where did they come from? Parents? Friends? Teachers? Social media? If they aren’t your rules, do you agree with them or would you rather change them?

What if I said you have the power to change them? Let’s do that. Change them. Right now. So what would your rules say now? It’s ok to change the rules and its ok to live your life by your rules. By doing so you are incorporating what is important to you and guiding your life by your own compass.

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